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"Finale" by Tracy Bourne

This is the last show of Prisoner Z. He will do anything to delay the inevitable. Rasa joins writer, singer and actor Tracy Bourne and director Rochelle Whyte for a new reimagining of Finale. Songs by Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, Dresden Dolls, Cat Stevens, Sondheim, Debussy, Handel ... and the Bee Gees. 


Originally produced as part of the Ballarat Cabaret Festival 2012 entitled A Song for Each Day, revised and re-named as Finale for the Melbourne Cabaret Festival in June 2013 -- creative development is underway in 2019/2020 for a new reimagining of Finale.


Writer, singer and actor:

Tracy Bourne

Director and dramaturg:

Rochelle Whyte

Music director and arranger:

Rasa Daukus


Creative development (Stage 1) was assisted by an artsACT Arts Activities grant.

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