Ampleya is the artistic collaboration Rasa shares with photomedia artist Genevieve Swifte and mezzo soprano AJ America. Transcending the limitations of their respective art forms, Ampleya brings together new compositions for piano and voice with multichannel video installations to produce exquisite experiences of musical performance and moving imagery. Intimate, yet immersive, Ampleya explores sublime moments of the everyday and redefines the relationships between audience, performer, composer and photographer.

In 2018 Rasa was awarded an ArtsACT grant to compose and record the music for Ampleya's sound and vision project Kalos, which has served as the basis for Ampleya's live performance works in 2019.


Tess Said So is the creative partnership between Rasa and  percussionist and producer Will Larsen. Adopting a pop sensibility to a classical format, Rasa and Will write and perform all their own material, influenced by a shared interest in new music and blurring the lines that define musical genre, infusing their sound with pop, jazz, ambience, minimalism, and electronica.

They've released three albums, I Did That Tomorrow (2014), Scramble + Fate (2016) and Piaf's Boyfriend (2019), to critical acclaim with record label Preserved Sound. In 2017, they won both the Weekly Award and BankSA Award (Overall Outstanding Event) for Best Interactive, Film & Digital at the Adelaide Fringe Festival for their original live soundtrack production and performance to Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror, which they went on to tour in Asia and the UK. 

"This piano and percussion duo is an inspired pairing." A CLOSER LISTEN
"Every screening of Nosferatu should bear their brilliant score." GREAT SCOTT MEDIA


Rasa writes extensively for solo piano, from individual concert pieces and studio works to educational collections for student pianists.

As with her other projects, collaborating is at the heart of Rasa's work, and in 2017 a musical partnership began with American concert pianist Holly Roadfeldt, for whom Rasa wrote the work Glistenality. Holly has since performed Glistenality in concert countless times and in January 2018 teamed with Grammy-winning producer Andreas Meyer for its first recording.


FINALE by Tracy Bourne

Written and performed by singer and actor Tracy Bourne -- originally as part of the Ballarat Cabaret Festival 2012 entitled A Song for Each Day, revised and re-named as Finale for the Melbourne Cabaret Festival in June 2013 -- Finale is the last show of Prisoner Z. He will do anything to delay the inevitable. He will lie, flatter, seduce, and frighten you.

In 2019 Rasa joins Tracy and dramaturg Rochelle Whyte as musical director for a new reimagining of FinaleSongs by Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, Dresden Dolls, Cat Stevens, Sondheim, Debussy, Handel … and the Bee Gees. 



Rasa is part of the editorial team for Musicality Magazine, which launched in February 2019. 

Musicality is a bi-monthly online music magazine dedicated to informing and celebrating adult music students and enthusiasts; learning, playing and listening to music for the love of it.The magazine hears from both professional and amateur musicians, as well as professionals working in associated art forms, sharing insights, stories, research, tips and takeaways to enlighten and connect with the adult learning experience.

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