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A cross disciplinary performance practice, engaging in artist exchange, the development of new processes and experimentation across art forms. CO.LAB, directed by Alison Plevey of the Australian Dance Party, is a playground for interaction, ideas and skills expansion.

"Which Weigh"

Creators and performers:

Alison Plevey & Oliva Fyfe (dance), Melinda Smith (poetry), Nicci Haynes (visual art/media), Justin Watson (lighting), Timothy Wickham, Alex Voorhoeve, Gavin Findlay, Will Larsen & Rasa Daukus (music/sound)


Canberra Obscura: Metropolis, Ainslie Arts Centre, Canberra: July 2017

Photo credits:

Andrew Sikorski - Photos 1-5


This work was supported by Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres.

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