Ampleya is the artistic collaboration Rasa shares with photomedia artist Genevieve Swifte and mezzo soprano AJ America. Transcending the limitations of their respective art forms, Ampleya brings together new compositions for piano and voice with multichannel video installations to produce exquisite experiences of musical performance and moving imagery. Intimate, yet immersive, Ampleya explores sublime moments of the everyday and redefines the relationships between audience, performer, composer and photographer.

In 2018 Rasa was awarded an ArtsACT grant to compose and record the music for Ampleya's sound and vision project Kalos, which has served as the basis for Ampleya's live performance works in 2019.

Live performance image of Harken. Photo by Mark Van Veen. 



A specially curated project presented at the Drill Hall Gallery, Canberra on Friday 14 June 2019, Ghost Echoes is an exploration of one art form’s capacity to amplify another. A consideration of space and personal discovery, linking portraiture to melody and soundscapes with persistence of vision, Ghost Echoes invites the audience to move freely through the gallery for an immersive experience of music and moving imagery.



Yūgen is the debut single by Ampleya, pre-released on 29 March for Piano Day 2019. Recorded and engineered by Matt Barnes, it is the musical nucleus for Ampleya's live and extended version of the work, Yūgen, Profound Grace, which was originally presented at Art, Not Apart 2019.

The word yūgen is a Japanese term referring to the beauty of human suffering beyond that which can be described. Informed by the structural use of repetition, cycles and static harmony found in traditions of Indonesian gamelan and Japanese gagaku, the work explores concepts of “profound grace” through traditional Asian musical aesthetics and concepts of timelessness, stillness and being. Accompanied by a multichannel video installation documenting vulnerability, ritual and loss within the social, urban and domestic spheres, at its core Yūgen, Profound Grace is sensitive to its historical moment, its audience and its environment.

Images from Yūgen, Profound Grace. Photography and video by Genevieve Swifte. 

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