Rasa writes extensively for solo piano, from individual concert pieces and studio works to educational collections for student pianists.

As with her other projects, collaborating is at the heart of Rasa's work, and in 2017 a musical partnership began with American concert pianist Holly Roadfeldt, for whom Rasa wrote the work Glistenality. Holly has since performed Glistenality in concert countless times and in January 2018 teamed with Grammy-winning engineer and producer Andreas Meyer for its first studio recording.



Glistenality was inspired by a story from my father's childhood.

In 1944 my father's family left Lithuania to escape the advancing Soviets. They had a covered wagon and two horses, and left everything behind to travel over 1000 kilometres through Poland to Germany. During that trip, my father had his birthday. He remembers it was a cold cloudy day as winter was approaching, and his older sister was in the back of the wagon busily doing something. When they stopped for a while to rest the horses and have some lunch, his sister wished him a happy birthday and with great ceremony presented him with a star that she'd carved out of a potato. It's a birthday present my father will always remember.



More solo piano work will be added to this page soon.

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