Tess Said So is the creative partnership between Rasa and  percussionist and producer Will Larsen. Adopting a pop sensibility to a classical format, Rasa and Will write and perform all their own material, influenced by a shared interest in new music and blurring the lines that define musical genre, infusing their sound with pop, jazz, ambience, minimalism, and electronica.

They've released three albums, I Did That Tomorrow (2014), Scramble + Fate (2016) and Piaf's Boyfriend (2019), to critical acclaim with record label Preserved Sound. In 2017, they won both the Weekly Award and BankSA Award (Overall Outstanding Event) for Best Interactive, Film & Digital at the Adelaide Fringe Festival for their original live soundtrack production and performance to Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror, which they went on to tour in Asia and the UK. 

"This piano and percussion duo is an inspired pairing." A CLOSER LISTEN
"Breathtakingly beautiful... exhilarating."  STATIONARY TRAVELS
"A well-deserved standing ovation."  CANBERRA CRITICS' CIRCLE
"Every screening of Nosferatu should bear their brilliant score." GREAT SCOTT MEDIA


Preserved Sound

Released: 2016

Scramble + Fate is an album about loss and what might have been. Each track is a unique dance of lush soundscapes, layered textures, violent rhythms and arching melodies - some deliberate, some accidental. 


Written and recorded at Will Larsen’s Recliner Studios in Melbourne, Scramble + Fate utilises a broad palate of sounds and innovative instrumentation. Piano and electronics are combined with timpani, glockenspiel, vibraphone, tubular bells, tambourines, shakers, triangles, crotales and a massive labyrinth of drums, large and small. Each is used, not to create a cacophony of sound, but instead a particular mood, a distinctive timbre, often with the most delicate touch.


Preserved Sound

Released: 2014

I Did That Tomorrow is a collection of tracks about initiation and reaction, travel and stillness, simplicity and evolution. Recorded at Will Larsen’s Recliner Studios in Melbourne, the sounds of piano, percussion and electronics shift through organic, improvisatory, imperfect patterns; playing with the idea of movement in light, space, and time, mixing classical with jazz, pop, zydeco and gypsy.

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