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Created in response to the COVID-19 crisis by 11 Preserved Sound artists across Europe, North America and Australia, "Invisible" not only refers to the concept that the virus can’t be seen, but also that the contributing artists collaborated on the pieces blindly without knowing what each other was recording. The album showcases the combined response of Preserved Sound’s community of artists to the unfolding COVID crisis – with the individual pieces coalescing to create a cohesive whole. 


Preserved Sound artists:

Aaron Martin, Adrian Lane, Ales Tsurko, Benjamin Louis Brody, Cédric Dind-Lavoie, Glacis, Neal Heppleston, Tess Said So, Thomas Méreur, Trigg & Gusset and Visionary Hours.



Ian Hawgood

Album artwork:

'Cover to Cover' by Adrian Lane

Released by Preserved Sound:

Worldwide 27 November 2020

Track & collaboration information: 
1. An Occasional Hushed Word – Adrian Lane (with Cédric Dind-Lavoie, Aaron Martin, Thomas Méreur) 
2. Melt – Trigg & Gusset (with Glacis, Tess Said So, Ales Tsurko) 
3. ADALGUTRIVI – Ales Tsurko (with Adrian Lane, Trigg & Gusset, Visionary Hours) 
4. Lou’s Harmonium – Cédric Dind-Lavoie (with Neal Heppleston, Adrian Lane, Visionary Hours) 
5. The Lamplighter – Neal Heppleston (with Benjamin Louis Brody, Thomas Méreur, Ales Tsurko) 
6. Lament: A Meditation for Sustained Instruments – Benjamin Louis Brody (with Tess Said So, Trigg & Gusset, Aaron Martin) 
7. Left Behind and Irretrievably Lost – Thomas Méreur (with Neal Heppleston, Aaron Martin, Visionary Hours) 
8. You Are Born – Glacis (with Benjamin Louis Brody, Aaron Martin, Tess Said So) 
9. Pre Peri Post – Visionary Hours (with Cédric Dind-Lavoie, Adrian Lane, Thomas Méreur) 
10. Dig – Tess Said So (with Benjamin Louis Brody, Trigg & Gusset, Ales Tsurko) 
11. Toots Fall into the River – Aaron Martin (with Cédric Dind-Lavoie, Glacis, Neal Heppleston)

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