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Rasa Daukus is an award-winning composer, pianist and sound artist. Her practice explores eclectic approaches to minimalist, postclassical, ambient and soundscape genres, integrating music and sound with visual art, film, installation, dance and theatre.

A keen collaborator, Rasa’s work regularly involves blending art forms and artist exchange.


As part of modern classical duo Tess Said So,  a long-standing partnership with percussionist and producer Will Larsen, she has released three critically acclaimed albums through record label Preserved Sound. Together, they've won both the Weekly Award and BankSA Award (Overall Outstanding Event) for Best Interactive, Film & Digital at the Adelaide Fringe Festival for their original live soundtrack production and performance  to Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror. In 2023, they released the orchestrated version of their score, Nosferatu Reimagined, which was premiered with film at the Melbourne International Film Festival with Orchestra Victoria.

In 2018, with photomedia artist Genevieve Swifte and mezzo soprano AJ America, Rasa established Ampleya, an interdisciplinary collaboration bringing together sound art, video installation, space exploration and unfixed approaches to performance and audience interaction. 

Other ongoing projects include CO.LAB, a cross-disciplinary performance practice led by the Australian Dance Party, and solo piano works for American pianist Holly Roadfeldt.

Rasa's work has been performed in Australia, Asia, Europe, the UK and North America.​ She holds music degrees from the Australian National University School of Music (B.Mus.) and the University of Newcastle (M.Mus.(Distinction)).

"Improvisational spirit, bold elegance, and impeccable musicianship."  

STATIONARY TRAVELS (Scrambled + Fate review)

"Daukus’ piano is expressive and effervescent as ever whether painting in soft hues and wistful melodies or propelling the narrative with dazzling runs and sparkling arpeggios."  

 STATIONARY TRAVELS (Scramble + Fate review)

"Engaging and intriguing."

DRIFTING, ALMOST FALLING (Piaf's Boyfriend review)

"Piano-based, neo-classic expressionism at its best."  

HEADPHONAUGHT (I Did That Tomorrow review)

"Pianist Rasa Daukus is nothing short of sublime."  

THE STUDENT (Nosferatu review, Edinburgh Fringe Festival)


An experienced and dedicated music educator, Rasa is passionate about teaching music creatively.

She has taught tertiary level music as well as absolute beginners, written numerous collections of educational piano works for students, created music content for online, virtual and physical learning platforms, served as university lecturer, subject convener and curriculum adviser, presenter, adjudicator, and on the board of the Music Teachers' Association of NSW (Canberra).

From 2013 to 2017, Rasa was the Director of Music at the University of Canberra. 


In 2017 she opened Music Classes Canberra, which specialises in adult music education.

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