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A little bit about me...

Rasa Daukus is an award-winning composer, pianist and sound artist. Her practice explores eclectic approaches to minimalist, postclassical, ambient and soundscape genres, integrating music and sound with visual art, film, contemporary dance and physical performance.




by Megan Flynn Dance Company

Knots & Ties, a new work by Megan Flynn Dance Company made possible by a residency with The NADINE Project, was performed at The NADINE Project (Ledyard, CT - June '19), Built on Stilts Dance Festival (Martha's Vineyard, MA - August '19), Koresh Artist Showcase and Philadelphia Fringe Festival (both Philadelphia, PA - September '19).

Video: Excerpt from Ties

Choreography: Megan Flynn, in collaboration with Sarah Braviak Reid and Amelia Rose Estrada

Performers: Megan Flynn, Sarah Braviak Reid and Amelia Rose Estrada

Music: Here, Whisper and Dew Point by Tess Said So

See more of the wonderful Megan Flynn Dance Company at


Piaf's Boyfriend, the 3rd release from Tess Said So, will be out everywhere through Preserved Sound

on 31 May 2019!

The stunning cover photo is by award winning Scottish photographer Kerry Lytwyn.

Out now!


Yūgen is the debut single by Ampleya, pre-released on 29 March for Piano Day 2019.

The word yūgen is a Japanese term referring to the beauty of human suffering beyond that which can be described. Informed by the structural use of repetition, cycles and static harmony found in traditions of Indonesian gamelan and Japanese gagaku, the work explores concepts of “profound grace” through traditional Asian musical aesthetics and concepts of timelessness, stillness and being. The live and extended version was accompanied by a multichannel video installation documenting vulnerability, ritual and loss within the social, urban and domestic spheres.

The video will be released soon.


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